What Our Patients Like Most About Our Pharmacy




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“My choice of pharmacy! Everyone is friendly and professional. I walk in and they call me by name. My questions are answered. If a new med interacts with my other medications, staff will let me know and they notify the doctor. I can get flu, pneumonia, shingles and tetanus vaccinations if needed. I can buy unique gifts and cards there.”

“Great family friendly drugstore.”

“They are always super friendly and have great customer service!”

“Well-informed pharmacist and very pleasant experience”

“Fast & friendly service!”

“Charlie’s Drug is the absolute best pharmacy ever. They have the perfect balance of small town charm and professionalism. Our family is as loyal as it gets! Thank you Charlie’s for your continued service to our community and for your great attitude. Love love love you guys!”

“I have been going to this pharmacy for 26 years, literally since birth. I can’t recommend the knowledgeable pharmacists here enough, they are by far the best in town. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. They pay close attention to make sure you don’t mix anything you shouldn’t and you know what to expect from your prescriptions and are prepared for any side effects you may experience. They can even catch mistakes your doctors may have made because they keep good records and get to know you and your concerns. If you have a number of chronic health concerns as I do you need a good pharmacist and this is the place for you. It really is the small town personal touch.”

“Always great customer service! Know us by name! And cute fun items to purchase as gifts or other needs!”

“Charlie’s Drug is the best pharmacy in town! Do you know that if you are unable to come inside, you can call them, they will go back and forth to your car to get you served? That, my friends, is EXCELLENT, SUPERB customer service. That is above and beyond! Add on that they know you by name when you walk in makes it the best in town! Thanks, Debbi!”

You can help Charlie’s Discount Drug by leaving a great review on Google and Yelp – thank you!

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